ENREGIS is a dynamic company with staff members who are specialized and experienced in rainwater management, drainage technology, renewable environment heat technology and the accompanying services.

Rain / Storm Water Management

The company and its employees look back on several years of experience in holistic, modern and above all, in sustainable rainwater management.


Green cityscapes play an important role in the well-being of inhabitants and visitors and help make urban areas more attractive, thereby increasing the quality of life.

Source / Potable Water Management

In addition to Rain / Storm Water Management, Green Infrastructure and Waste Water / Sewage Technology, we occupy another niche in the market to do with the topic of spring water and drinking water systems.

Waste Water / Sewage Technology

For holistic water management, the reliable treatment of all types of waste water prior to its discharge into the environment is of crucial importance.



The ENREGIS®/infiltration system – high-pressure flushing – unique – BEST OF CLASS


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ENREGIS – TÜV-certified specialist company (WHG)


Products and services from ENREGIS have been acknowledged by the market as guarantees for excellent ...